Weight loss smoothie – some simple recipes from green summer products!

Smoothies are an ideal choice for those who prefer to lose weight. And summer is a great period when it can be done.

Green smoothies for weight loss, which you may easily cook in summer, not only restore the body after the winter but will also help to lose some extra weight. And for their creation you will need just 5 minutes, using our simple recipes.

How to use smoothies for slimming

There are two important rules how to achieve maximum effect by consuming these slimming cocktails:

1. Nutritionists agree that it would be better to eat smoothies (read more here), but not to drink them. And you should apply the spoon, which is the smallest in your home. So you do not swallow the entire amount too quickly. And gradually stretch the pleasure and your body will feel really satiated.

2. Eating smoothies possible not only for breakfast. For those who lose weight, such a useful cocktail can be an excellent alternative for dinner or snacks.

Rules for making smoothies for losing weight

The main rules that allow you to prepare a healthy and dietary smoothie cocktail:

  • It is necessary to use exclusively qualitative, in all senses (ecologically clean, fresh and so on) products.
  • You need to prepare smoothies just from low-calorie ingredients.
  • Do not add sugar there, it is allowed to add some natural honey.
  • The ideal smoothie-cocktail is the one that is not diluted with water, milk or any other liquid.
  • You should not add flakes, nuts, chocolate or cocoa, raisins, and so on.
  • When preferring salty smoothies, do not use salt during their preparation, it is better to replace it with seaweed;
  • It is advisable not to mix vegetables with fruits, but it is permissible to do this only when it comes to apples.
  • Diluting the cocktail, use only natural quality freshly squeezed juices!

Weight loss smoothie “Freshness”

To prepare this green smoothie you will need the following products:

Parsley – 20g
Cucumber – 1
Dill – 20g
Water – 200ml

Crush the cucumber and greens, and add them to the water. Next, mix everything with your blender. It is interesting that such a mix of products will help your body withdraw excess water, and therefore, in addition cutting weight, so you will soon notice an effective fight against your cellulite.

Smoothies for slimming “Energy”

To create smoothies, you will need:

Avocado – half
Spinach – 20g
Flax seed – a teaspoon
Water 100ml

This smoothie will be an ideal breakfast, which will give you a charge of energy until lunchtime. Mix all ingredients and grind them in a blender. By the way, in this version of smoothies, you may surely add a little lemon.

Weight loss smoothie – some simple recipes from green summer products!

Smoothies “As easy as pie”

To prepare this version of smoothies you will find the following ingredients useful:

Kale – 50g
Parsley – 20g
Cucumber – 1
Water – 150ml

Kale is combined with cucumber helps to cleanse the body, so drink this smoothie when you prefer to lose weight. By the way, it can be used not only as a breakfast, but also as a light dinner.

What else you should know about weight loss cocktail

  • Smoothies practically do not quench your thirst – a proven fact.
  • Do not abuse this product! If you do not have a fasting day, then one or two servings within 24 hours are really enough.
  • Smoothies are the perfect replacement for a snack or breakfast.
  • You should try to exclude the use of a cocktail instead of dinner (although this is not at all critical, but used for lunch, for example, it will bring more benefit).
  • Use only freshly prepared cocktail. In general, depending on the composition, it can be stored in the refrigerator for not more than 1-3 hours.

Weight loss smoothie – some simple recipes from green summer products!

Important: if you aspire these smoothies really help you lose weight consume them for breakfast or dinner for 10 days. Also, these days adhere to all the principles of proper nutrition and apply to weight loss calorie calculator. Then the weight loss will be about 7 lbs per week.

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