Green tea weight loss: all the true facts and myths about magic drink!

Green tea is main drink in the Japanese diet and, according to rumor, one of the reasons why Japanese females do not get fat. Probably, there is a connection, because it contains in excess catechins and caffeine, helping the body break down fatty deposits.

Of course, we are talking about natural leaf tea without aromatic additives. And by combining the right balanced diet and training, you will see a great difference very soon in your weight loss before and after.

How green tea works: opening cards

Mostly people prefer green tea to confine their appetite. Green tea weight loss is due to the acceleration of metabolism.

Other useful properties of green tea:

1. This is an excellent diuretic, removes excess fluid, toxins and slags. And if you break a little the gastronomic etiquette and add some low-fat milk (0.5%) to green tea, you can eliminate puffiness of the legs.

2. Polyphenols, which are abundant in green tea, enhance the heat exchange in the body by burning deferred fats. If you drink 3-5 cups of this drink a day, you can greatly add the amount of burned fat.

3. Softly suppresses the appetite, reducingGreen tea weight loss: all the true facts and myths about magic drink! the level of sugar in the blood. Drink a cup half an hour just before your meal, and during lunch, you will eat less food than usual.

4. Weakly brewed tea calms nerves better than any chips or ice cream, normalizes the work of the heart and helps to fall asleep.

Green tea almost does not provide calories (3-5 kcal per a cup of tea). It reduces weight gently and safely for health – by suppressing appetite and burning accumulated fats.

How to drink green tea

First of all, you should understand that green tea is not a panacea, but an effective addition to a healthy diet and exercise. Often people, who prefer to get slim quickly, do not eat anything, but only drink green tea. Such a mono-diet may help you get slim but on a hospital bed.

And, please, do not be fooled by the dubious advertising of “weight loss teas” on the Internet. Even the best green tea for weight loss does not help to lose 40 lbs in 7 days, as some sellers promise.

Adhere to these rules, and you will lose weight without over-exertion

1. Drink at least three cups a day, preferably half an hour before a meal or a snack (tea reduces appetite).

2. Drink unsweetened green tea. The benefit for weight loss will be colossal.

3. Strengthen the effect with regular training. If there is no possibility to visit a gym or run, try to walk more.

Unquestionable plus of this drink in your diet is that it is not boring. This is a great option for every day.

Studies of weight loss effect of green tea

The World Health Organization, having studied the data for the past 25 years, found out that 1/3 of the world’s population really suffers from excess weight, and the US and Europe are leading in this.

In America, the problem of obesity is the second after the energy crisis and is being resolved at the state level. However, much progress has not been achieved yet.

At the University of Queen Margaret in Edinburgh, the teacher and a group of students conducted a small study. Subjects kept a diet for two weeks and drank four cups of green tea daily, and they were examined before and after weight loss. After the study, the participants felt themselves in a great shape, much better than before the experiment. In addition, they reduced cholesterol and body weight and normalized their blood pressure.

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